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Terms and Conditions


ul. Główna 3
64-412 Chrzypsko Wielkie
NIP 595-141-42-35
REGON 360235572

Bank Account Number
77 9082 0005 0007 1303 2000 0010
(Gospodarczy Bank Wielkopolski SA w Poznaniu)

Bank Account Number ( foreign currency transfer - euro )
Raiffeisen Bank Polska S.A.
IBAN: PL21175000120000000027169813

tel.  0048 61 295 11 11
fax. 0048 61 295 29 27


A User is a natural person or a legal person who signs up to the shop and accepts all regulations.

The shop can be used only on terms established in the regulations.

The administrator of the shop and the seller is Benex Banaszkiewicz Sp.J. ul. Szkolna 24, 64-412 Chrzypsko Wielkie

Prices shown in the online shop are prices with tax – only retail offers.  Shipment fees in  Poland and in European Union are free of any extra charges or taxes ( payment in Polish zloty only)

Products can be ordered by our online shop, email, letter on company’s address, fax +48 61 295 29 27 or by phone.

In case of an online order, a sale contract is concluded when our staff accepts the order.

Shop’s team do its best to make sure that all the descriptions, parameters and information concerning our online products reflect reality.


If you buy several products, you pay only once for shipment.

All customers who buy products above 60 € and pay money into an account, get free delivery.

For delivery to Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Great Britain and Austria.

Foreign shipment is provided by GLS ( net prices of shipment are given below) 



Land Bruttopreis
Austria 5,99 EUR Lithuania 11,00 EUR
Belgium 9,00 EUR Latvia 12,00 EUR
Bulgaria 10,00 EUR Malta 26,00 EUR
Cyprus 32,00 EUR Deutschland 5,99 EUR
Česká republika 6,50 EUR Portugal 12,00 EUR
Danmark 9,00 EUR Polen 3,00 EUR
13,00 EUR România 14,00 EUR
Finland 20,00 EUR Slovensko 7,50 EUR
France 12,00 EUR Slovenija 12,00 EUR
Greece 19,00 EUR Sverige 14,00 EUR
Nederland 9,00 EUR Magyarország 11,00 EUR
Éire 21,00 EUR Great Britain 8,00 EUR
Luxemburg 10,00 EUR Italia 13,00 EUR


The order is delivered within 3 days since the payment is seen in our account ( the delivery may take up to 14 days if there are many orders). The first deliveries start on the 1st of March ( spring term) and on the 1st of September ( autumn term) according to the order of the purchase.

In the case of unavailable product will be contacted by telephone or e-mail to an alternative solution to the problem. In the absence of contact for 24 h we make decisions on replacement (the choice of course more favorable price for the buyer).

If you have any questions about the delivery contact us:

We do not send packages if the air temperature is below –5o C ( applies to bulbs, tubers, rhizomes). In such a case, we can send the order only on customer’s own responsibility

GLS shipment is fast, save and you can track it on its website:  Track & Trace


A customers has a right to return the product during 14 days after the delivery. The package should be sent on customer’s own expense. The customer should write a statement considering one’s resignation of buying products and supply Benex company with personal data and bank account number. After the acceptance of customer’s complaint, all costs of the buying will be returned to an account during 7 days since receiving the return package with customer’s written statement of a withdrawal from a contract.

In case of wrong package, please send it back to Benex company and we will resend a proper package.

In case of an unjustified complaint or a package damage caused by the customer, all costs are covered by the customer.
Complaint form


We guarantee safety of all transactions. We have been working as an online shop since 2005. Since that year, we have carried out thousands of successful transactions using not only our online shop but online auctions as well.
Personal data of our customers is stored carefully and is used only to perform transactions. It is not used in any form by third parties.
A customer has a right to inspect and correct one’s personal data or to stop Benex Banaszkiewicz Sp.J. from using it.


Possible ways of payment:

•    Cash On Delivery  ( payment at delivery, at the post office or to the postman)
•    Transfer into company’s  account  Benex Banaszkiewicz Sp. J.

                 ul. Główna 3
                 64-412 Chrzypsko Wielkie

Kontonummer für die Zahlungen in PLN
77 9082 0005 0007 1303 2000 0010

Kontonummer für die Zahlungen in EUR
IBAN: PL21175000120000000027169813

•    PAYPAL, PAYU Service

Please, write the name of the user ( optionally: name and surname) or the number of the order in the transfer’s title.
Please, pay directly after the purchase or no longer than two weeks after the purchase.
Cash on Delivery is possible only in Poland.


I. SIGN UP The information below helps you use our online shop. In order to use our shop freely you need to sign up. Click “My account”, “Log in” or “Create an account” and complete the registration form.
 After giving all the data and password, click “Done” ( email confirming your registration, login and password will be sent onto your email). Now, all you have to do is confirm your registration by clicking the link given in the email and log in. Remember to complete all the remaining data in your address book. Customer’s data as well as the delivery address are editable and can be changed at any time. History of customer’s orders is in orders tab on user’s profile.
Convenient shopping! Products can be added to the basket before signing up.
User’s sign up and acceptance of the regulations stated below allow the user to use the shop. By signing up, the user states that the data given in the registration form is total and true and that the user knows the Regulations and agrees to obey them.
By signing up, the user gives one’s consent to use his/her address in order to complete the transaction.

Orders can be checked and edited by clicking Basket, where ordered products are shown ( during shopping, products are also shown on the left side of the website, under categories). In order to continue shopping, click Continue. If your shopping is done, click Order and complete the form of payment and trade data. Then, click Next and Send the order. Information about the order is sent to your email and to our company. You can check the order status on your profile and monitor the package on Track & Trace

By clicking Basket the User accepts the Assortment according to its description and price and agrees to complete the transaction in the manner established by the Regulations.

We take online orders 24 hours, seven day a week, all year.
All online prices include tax. Shipment fees are given when the order is finalized. In special cases, the shop reserves the right to cancel the order, restrict the way of payment or ask for prepayment.
The package is sent during seven week days since the payment is posted in company’s account ( in case of many orders, the delivery may take up to 14 week days) unless different agreement is made between the buyer and the shop.

The packages are delivered by GLS ( foreign delivery) and by Poczta Polska. The buyer is charged expenses depending on the weight of the package. The costs are given once the buyer completes the order.

A user who bought products online or by phone has a right to withdraw from a contract. A user who collected products in person in the shop has no right to withdraw from the contract.  

In case of withdrawal from a contract, the customer is obliged to inform the seller about the case during 10 days since collecting the package.

The seller is obliged to repay the money for the returned package during 7 days since collecting the package resulting from withdrawal from a contract. The payment is repaid to the customer on the condition that the goods ordered and their original packaging are intact.


Do you have questions? We Help You! Call us Monday to Friday 7am - 3pm

+48 61 295 11 11 -


Contact Retail

ul. Główna 3
64-412 Chrzypsko Wielkie

Contact Wholesale

ul. Szkolna 24
64-412 Chrzypsko Wielkie